Credible Taste

Little offers more objection for critique than a blank page, for the moment you begin to populate it does that first line, shape, word become the focus of attention and scrutiny. It’s no wonder that designers have inherited a reputation for being overtly critical when every action taken on their on empty pages is assaulted by an internal monologue of justification and elimination.

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If you’re one who tends to copy others, then I think it is safe to say that you succumb yourself to the label copycat. This terminology usually falls under the umbrella of lack of creativity, the inability to think for oneself, and often can lead to disputes. In retrospect the argument against being a blatant copycat is admiration of others work, making choosing to copy a compliment.

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Mobile First

Mobile first development:
lean & mean

With the ever expanding range of devices we browse the web from the day to day process of website development becomes more complex. Catering for more and more screen sizes can bloat a website and slow it down. Taking a mobile first approach will not only benefit the website’s users but also make it faster.

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