House presents The Collection

Hot off the press Parent have designed another stunning publication aimed at the local property sector.

Born from the idea that ‘less is more”
The Collection compiles truly intriguing content juxtaposed with the best of a very select group of local properties for sale.

Rather than just another ‘high-end magazine’ we wanted to create a product of value that would be read for its interesting content rather than merely flicked through. You won’t find the usual in this title, and I hope you’re as happy with that as we are. We’ve worked hard to find some truly intriguing and creative features and thrown those in between some of the articles you might be more used to.

You’ll also notice that this book is smaller than the usual ‘luxury magazine’, we felt that enormous magazines was a trend that needed to be bucked with a more intelligent read that happily sits at the top of the pile on your coffee table.

Visit the dedicated website for The collection

For information on appearing in the next issue please contact 01202 200 920.



House presents The Collection House presents The Collection
House presents The Collection
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