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Born from the idea that ‘less is more’ The Collection compiles truly intriguing content juxtaposed with the best of a very select group of local properties for sale. Rather than just another ‘high-end magazine’ we wanted to create a product of value that would be read for its interesting content rather than merely flicked through. You won’t find the usual in this title.


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The collection culinary highflyers
The collection inner page

A collection of the finest content, features and property, wrapped up in deliciously uncoated stock with a metallic bronze spine band.

The Collection bespoke publishing

The collection inner page
The collection inner page
The collection inner page

Readers will notice that this book is smaller than the usual ‘luxury magazine’, we felt that enormous magazines was a trend that needed to be bucked with a more intelligent read that happily sits at the top of the pile on your coffee table.

The collection sculpting sound
The collection inner page
The collection buster + punch
The collection cykno bikes
The pig near bath
The collection farrow and ball
The collection cykno bikes
The collection website
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